Quality dental treatment for the whole family.

M&M Dental offers a full range of dental services from general checkups to full restorations, and everything in between. Come see us for:

Partials and Dentures | Root Canals | Crowns & Bridges | Extractions

Preventive and diagnostic care including digital X-rays for less radiation, cleaning and prophylaxis to prevent future problems, fluoride treatments & sealants

Periodontal disease treatment for gums that have suffered infection or inflammation.

Restoration of implants provide a natural-looking tooth when yours has been lost. These are permanent, fixed teeth that act just like your natural tooth did.

Esthetic white fillings on posterior teeth. If you have old metal fillings or a need for new fillings, we’ll provide tooth-colored fillings for long-term strength and durability, as well as a more attractive and natural effect.

Cosmetic bonding and veneers. Correct embarrassing damage to your teeth for a beautiful and natural smile. Bonding fills in spaces or other cosmetic flaws, while veneers are thin coverings that fit over your teeth for a whiter, more even smile.

Talk to us about other procedures you may need.